Research interests

The Lederman group seeks to understand the fundamental properties of materials in reduced dimensions. Of particular interest are properties resulting from interfaces between dissimilar materials (e.g., magnetic, ferroelectric, multiferroic, and biological materials). In many cases, the electronic interface interactions in these nanoscale materials are expected to be the basis of future electronic devices. Many of the research projects are collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature. We participate in NanoSAFE, West Virginia University’s nanoscale science, engineering, and education program focusing on bionanotechnology, and in the Center for Energy Efficient Electronics (CEEE), an effort to develop new materials and methodologies for future electronic devices. We are also part of the Function Accelerated nanoMaterial Engineering (FAME) center funded by SRC/DARPA.

Group participants

Highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students and postdocs are invited to join. Group members work hard, help each other, and enjoy the pursuit of knowledge.

Group as of 12/2011

Top row: Sercan Babakiray, David Lederman, Chris Bostick
Bottom row: Michael Aldridge, Trent Johnson, Kineshma Munbodh

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